Le Clan du Centre du Monde

Ils marchent lą oł les autres n'osent pas regarder...

Jos de trol

Race : C'est l'un des Durakuirs du Clan

Son histoire : 

Alone troll, far away from home. In the beginning misunderstood by and misunderstanding other Trolls speaking a different language, undertaking long solitary voyages, fed up with pointless fights amongst Trolls themselves. One day, left for dead for no apparent reason in the terrible sunlight by an elder Troll mumbling something about accepting PX as an apologie (which I refused, being too proud, stubborn, and determined to deserve what I get), I decided this could not go on.

Meditating under the scorching sun, healing my wounds, I reasoned I had to find others, much like myself, determined to be straightforward in achieving great goals such as Justice (meaning: punishing TK's for their crimes against Trollity), Modesty in Moral Greatness and Stuffing Themselves Full With Whatever Is Eatable.

Encouraged by this inspiring moment of enlightment I decided to descend once more into the dephts of MountyHall to search such equalminded comrads. I was determined to find them even if I'd have to go to to the end of the world for it. Or The Centre Of The World... Meanwhile I was also hoping they'd have a giant monster roasting above a fire, because all this thinking got me quite hungry. Or even better, a kind of Troll Academy, so I would be able to develop my abilities, and subsequently spreading my acquired wisdom amongst those Trolls not so fortunate as I would be... Maybe they'd assist me on a Quest to avenge myself, bringing mischief and mayhem on TK's, as well as meat and feast for the Victors, Oh well, as long as they have a tavern I'd be glad to be in their company!

So here I am. At the front gate of the notorious Clan of the Centre of the World. Hoping to pass the Test somewhere in a near future, and having a good time bashing the infinite number of monsters and finding treasures, all for the greater glory of the Godess!